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Monday, May 17, 2010

shoe glue

Yeah wedges are in full force right now, all over the place…wear them with socks, no socks, skirts, pants, dresses, they go with everything and most any season (maybe minus cold snowy winters, or who knows ya may be that brave)

I love so many of the various styles out there, even though I seem a bit awkward and feel too tall in wedges/high heeled shoes, weird since I'm not that tall to begin with...ha have to share this, I heard the best thing this weekend when I was shopping, this woman next to me was trying on these adorable whats, yes wedges, and asked what I thought. I'm sure my face already gave it away, but I told her they were ridiculously cute on her...then she replies “yeah I need to get over the heel height, I’ve gotten lazy, forgot what it’s like to be female and wear heels sometimes.” HAHA I was in stitches, UMM MEEEEE TOOOOOO! Lazy bones over here! I barely get out of my t-shirt and jeans.

So here are some of my favorites, I think I’m diggin' these Michael Kors 'Sycamore' wedges in brown, meow for sure! But god do I want them ALL (yes, as superficial as I sound, shoes make me happy!) Enjoy!

@ "Rosegold Suede Heel"

@ "farylrobin Madison Wedge"

confession::: just bought these for myself this weekend, Dolce Vita "Rex"

@ Michael Kors "sycamore" wedge Michael Kors "Kingston" sandal

Friday, May 14, 2010

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That's the buzz, we're having a lil May SALE-aroo...♥♥ SALE buy one get second 30% OFF (equal or lesser) until JUNE 13th

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

random Renee

Yeah so I’ve been quite random as to what I’ve been attracted to lately, from something floral and completely 80s to simple and taupe, but I love it all. I think it’s the ebon flow of everything, and right now I’m definitely waxing and waning day in and day out. I’m in love with some of these pieces I found on Etsy, now mind you I would be ‘buying’ these amazing items, except I’m moving in a few months and trying reallllly realllly hard to downsize my personal closet, including shoes, hats, jewelry…yeah tell me about. But I’m trying hard. So now I’m redirecting all my energy into ‘window shopping’ First off I’m obsessed with this large silver ring by candy shop vintage, gorgeous and simple! Diggin this vintage party dress, perfect for summer, from closet case vintage…meow….and the hat, I’m just jealous of people who can pull this look off by the way, the hat is incredible and feminine and go with just about everything from Simple Thrift!
Okay it’s official, I’m over caffeinated and can tell by the way I just wrote this post, like a crazy person….ha…enjoy!

visit simple thrift click here

visit closet case vintage click here

visit candy shop vintage click here

Monday, May 10, 2010

you plaid-en my day, always!

So I have this THING for plaid, it's been around for years, on my mind always. I have moments where I'm more obsessed and neurotic about finding, buying, and wearing it...which is probably right now. And ya can tell just by looking at what I've got blasted in the shop. Jokes on me! So I ran into a few other plaid pieces from some other awesome Etsy YES I would love to even travel in plaid with these amazing vintage suit cases from Vintage Status, or even be more subtle with this plaid vest from Oh Leoluca vintage, LOVE...and love her shop!! xxx

Plaid is just that rad, it's not just a fad since that would make me sad (I'm crazy what can I say ;)

and the shop here she hearts vintage SHOP NOW

and the shop here oh leoluca vintage {click to view}

and the shop here she hearts vintage SHOP NOW

and the shop here she hearts vintage SHOP NOW

and the shop here vintage status {click to view}

Monday, May 3, 2010

a walk in the park

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Here are some photos from our frolic in the park! The weather and wind could not have been any better...isn't feeling the grass beneath your feet so liberating? Yet how often do we do it as adults! Sad but true. Well here are some moments of 'adults' -ya know the responsible hold a full time job kind- being kids, laughing til our bellies hurt, staring into the sun, not have a care in the world and finding the joy in the simplest of simples. xxx

I LOVE my job...I do!

I truly do...and that's pretty hard to say for other jobs I've had:( slicing bagels not so much ;) Yesterdays work day was incredible, I love to feel alive!!! Creativity and play time always does it for me! So I had a photo shoot with my beautiful best friend which is always a shit ton of fun, then to Whole Foods for a samwhich and off to eat in the park, a little frolic in the sun, then more photos on a sunny perfect 75 degree spring day...hope you like some of these photos by the way, I was all about these DIY ripped up and bleached stained jeans-80's metal band much? Ha. Any ways here is what's soon to come to the shop. PS so I'm off traveling this summer (wooohooo so terribly excited) then moving, so there may be a few months of no action, but I'll more than likely come back from travels all inspired and energized!!!!!! xoxo