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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

random Renee

Yeah so I’ve been quite random as to what I’ve been attracted to lately, from something floral and completely 80s to simple and taupe, but I love it all. I think it’s the ebon flow of everything, and right now I’m definitely waxing and waning day in and day out. I’m in love with some of these pieces I found on Etsy, now mind you I would be ‘buying’ these amazing items, except I’m moving in a few months and trying reallllly realllly hard to downsize my personal closet, including shoes, hats, jewelry…yeah tell me about. But I’m trying hard. So now I’m redirecting all my energy into ‘window shopping’ First off I’m obsessed with this large silver ring by candy shop vintage, gorgeous and simple! Diggin this vintage party dress, perfect for summer, from closet case vintage…meow….and the hat, I’m just jealous of people who can pull this look off by the way, the hat is incredible and feminine and go with just about everything from Simple Thrift!
Okay it’s official, I’m over caffeinated and can tell by the way I just wrote this post, like a crazy person….ha…enjoy!

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Gwendolyn Little said...

thank you for the lovely hat feature!!