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Monday, November 24, 2008

grunge is all grown up!

So lately I've been inspired by our old beloved 90's grunge era, yet this time around a lot more refined, feminine and versatile mix!

You can do a lottttt with a pair of old tattered jeans and tights, an over sized cardigan or button down shirt, I mean have you checked out the shop lately, we're all about it!

We're stocking up on more and more winter goods, with a few pea coats and a lot more sweaters, vests and boots that will come out and play very soon! Just to give you an idea of what we're got now...

Friday, November 14, 2008

oh no...dresses galore

Check the store out! Found some GREAT vintage goodies, especially some fantastic dresses and boots..WOWY! It's all about the tights and booties combo, can never go wrong!

I've been a lil' scavenger, and can't thank ALL my lovely friends for all the help and support, especially this last couple of weeks with collaborating, stylin' and art-ing, wow they have been some great times! Fueling the creative fire! xoxo

And to all you vintage is a a lil' peak at what's in the shop today...hope you enjoy!!!! Oh wow... almost forgot that thru the holidays we're promoting FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $150...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

dream on...

And that I've been doing, I guess it might be the weather, or just me trying the blame the weather for my dreamlike mentality lately, but hey, good news is, either way, it's feeding my creativity!

So since this past week, with the weather change, all I've been wanting to do is lay around indoors, read, sleep, eat, see friends & family and shop for the store (that's my way out from cabin fever!) so I've found some great finds, and they should be up in the next few weeks!! Wait that didn't sound AT ALL creative...ha the joke was on me!!

So as short and sweet as this post has been, I just wanted to let ya all know (you know who you are, the only ONE person reading this lovely articulate blog) that new things will be a comin' galore................................since I'm some what obsessed with shoes, great vintage dresses...stay tuned!