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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

new just for you

just got done with a quick shoot with lovely lauren...amazing...except still trial and error on the camera...hopefully by 2010 i'll know how to point and shoot ;) here are just a few lovelies that';ll hit the shop soon, some are already up, others will be in the next week for sure...i'm in love with this group...just something for anyone, from bohemian to 80s grunge....hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

is it friday yet?

You know those weeks where you just can't WAIT until Friday, and to top it off you keep forgetting what day it is so everyday is a day ahead, and everyday you're bummed out, so the week drags on...haaa well i feel like i'm already there, but right now i know it's tuesday (since it's right in front of me, i know genius right?!?!), but wait until tomorrow, i'll wake up and think it's thursday! well i've been enjoying the unusually cool and calm weather around these parts, and soaking it up, and me being 'idle' is very strange, i think i just get sooo use to having a few projects going on at once, and always either hunting for vintage, photo shoots, preparing DIY projects, and all the other activities of my life, that when i 'chill out' and put my leg up, it feels sort of strange...well it might also be i have no cable, which i hardly ever watched, but loooove the white noise in the background while i work while i worked on design projects and she hearts any case i'm looking forward to the next weeks and this beautiful weather, and just re-learning how to unwind without tv/cable :) in the meantime i've been browsing a lot on the web, dangerous, but i've some across soooo many beautiful things, like photos, clothes, colors..all of it..inspiring...loving' the trousers, button down, mens vest sort of look, with a pair or gorgeous's a few of my favs...

PS new digs coming in the shop soon, had to wait for my brand new baby (my lil' Nikon) to get delivered, and here I go...aghhh so excited to share the finds...

lovely onesie @ paramount vintage {click to view}

amazing suspender wide leg pants @ greasy waitress vintage {click to view}

inspiring and lovin' her style @ the glamourai {click to view}

inspiring photographer @ lundlund {click to view}

inspiring photographer @ lundlund {click to view}

inspiring photographer @ lundlund {click to view}

half caf vintage {click to view}

inspiring and adorable liebemarlene {click to view}

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

clumsy me....

soooo yes, i finally and officially ate sh!t on my bike, but since i have fallen before and was trained by an old bf how to fall that it ended up working out well (i would always laugh and tease him , like is there reallllly a "WAY" to was pretty silly...i think i ended up scaring the poor girl in the jetta at the stop light more than anything ;) and you know the surprising part, when you surprise yourself , well i was stunned on how i was only embarrassed for about 2 minutes and moved on, in and out of my head...what a great time...minus the moving on i have been feeling pretty inspired, with great friends who not only know a thang or two about stylin, but are creative and passionate about it!! And she hearts is lucky to also have a friend as creative and kind as Ms. Kristin..check out some of her amazing shots below and her site design that kills {click to view} ...soon soon lovely...can't wait!
Oh and I took a few photos of the unfinished she hearts's getting there!

she hearts studio {in progress ;)

design that kills {click to view}

design that kills {click to view}

design that kills {click to view}

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

lets play!

yesterday was a great time, actually this last week has been amazing, moved the studio, and got all set up (or for the most part) and took the greatest shoot with my girls Ericka and Jilly and my boy Russ yesterday, turned out great, and it was a fun time repeating Lykke Li's album Youth Novel..haha I've been known to repeat albums, and songs as a matter of fact, like for instance Sigur Ros......any ways by the time we looked at the clock it was nearly 11 p.m. (YES I'm THAT old and it was def my snooze time!:) here is a sneak peak of some of the new things that will be rolling thru the shop soon, and some old favs that we re-shot with the new equipment...hope you enjoy...thanks to my lovely friends!!
Models::Ericka + Jilly
Photography::Russ "FIKUS" V..check out his work at diaryland;click here
{Me:::stylin', laughin' being cranky pants}