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Thursday, August 27, 2009


YES YES! Sale, 25% off all and everything at the shop, spread the news and love :) And we will be coming around the corner with more goodies, for Fall and then some. This is that time, normally a weird seasonal transition (for those of you ending summer time)...should I bring a sweater, will it get cooler at night, is the day going to be too hot to wear this..we've all been there, men and women alike!

So doing our best to accommodate a 'lil cool weather, and a 'lil warmth as well!

Monday, August 17, 2009

been missing in action...

Oh and I feel it! Feels like I went and buried myself under this rock for the past week and it couldn't get any better under there! From the road trip, to the outdoors, to the lovely times spent with amazing people and funny, drooling dogs, over the past week...couldn't ask for any better. I am one spoiled lady right now! SPOILED! I needed that recharge, and now my friends, I am fully charged! Planning on doing a photo shoot this week, and we got a bunch of new goodies to show off and a bunch more that are just being altered and tweaked as we speak! KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED AND SPREAD THE LOVE! Look out, SHE HEARTS VINTAGE IS ON... ;)

PS I attached a few photos from the pup is the cute lil' black and white thing!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ROAD TRIP USA-or maybe just the midwest

I can't express how excited I am about taking a road trip to visit one of my dearest and nearest friends, who just happened to move to Utah for Grad school, so this is where I'll be headed early EARLY this Friday morning! A little Utah, a little Wyoming and Idaho on the side, lots of nature, hiking, thrifting OF COURSE, and being away from my watch, phone and all else! No obligations, no deadlines, no where to be, I can keep going as you can see...I'll only be gone for 6 days, but I'm sure I'll have a slew of stories and misadventures to laugh and write about upon returning! Looking forward to all the photos I'll have to share with you all! :)

Wish me luck, and as long as I don't see TOO many snakes then I'll be okay, a little traumatized, but in overall good health ;)