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Thursday, July 28, 2011

obsessed with ramen!!!!!!!!!

so it's the middle of summer, the heat is on BLAST! ehh about in the 90's give or take and you will STILL find me at the local noodle house! CRAZY? Maybe! But they have air conditioning that they aren't skimpin' on, so i'm hooked. eating my noodles, and making them a lot more spicy than my mouth can handle :) kudos to my big appetite and love for all sorts of foods. my friends and family always tease me that i love to travel because of the food * i say screw the culture, scenery, languages and people, it's all about the food (funny guys, i'm laughing inside)
well here's the food, of course i took photos...



Wednesday, July 27, 2011


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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

shout out to one of our favorites shoot...

take a guess? i'm sure it'll take you a second to know who the shout was out to!!!!





yea yea yea smarty...MADONNA. what can we say, lace, lingerie, leather, and our model Jen pretty much rocked it with the hair, eyebrows, and face! thank you to the 80's for providing me with so much awesomeness (and some things i could have definitely done without like a scrunchy or shoulder pads out to the length of Nevada)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

upcoming shoot ideasssss...

just can NOT get enough of the bedazzled look, just found this mini dress today...i really wish i would be a. comfy enough to rock it b. have a place i could rock it out to without looking like i dressed up early for Halloween c. refer back to A.

found those awesome quilted sweater booties yesterday on a quick run (womens 6.5 or else they'd be keepers), and that sequin number was a pick up from last week! i love the sequin block pattern on her.

i also found all those amazing dresses below thriftin today! they must have been a lot belonging to one person since all roughly the same size and era! man today was a gem of a day with the finds. Photo time here we come...i'm inspired, and have a few beautiful & creative friends to shoot with. *thanks to all the people that have come (and some that have stayed :) who support me. it rocks my world and melts my heart to feel it.




Friday, July 15, 2011

some shops favs

just a few of the millions of amazing finds on etsy...take a peep, support the awesome community of etsy

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

match made in summer heaven

i'm actually into summer this year- SHOCKER. maybe since it has been so mild and in the 80's. makes me think of things like dresses, loose, light and flowy.

although i am a bore and wear a ton too much black, i still love most all things floral, colorful and bright! i may just be vicariously living through the shop, who knows!?! :) so as i was 'window' shopping this afternoon i came across a few amazing finds that i would LOVE *with all caps* to own, wear and show off...take a peep!


dress can be found at Pretty Raccoon

platforms can be found at

bracelet can be found at Mimi's vintage

crochet vest can be found at bayou salvage

Saturday, July 9, 2011

sun is out and it's time to clean house

ughh such a daunting task to go through the closet and beyond PLUS the shops closet to detox and purge. i mean i know in the end it feels so liberating to let go of stuff, to be free of and feel that much lighter.

yet i sit here on a beautiful summer day biting my nails, just waiting for the time to hit 3 o'clock and we can close up for the day. i bet i sound like a big baby, sitting here typing away while i'm pseudo running a yard/garage sale...but i can't help it (playing the smallest violin) i'm pooped and to top it off i myself started a detox 3 days ago. yay me!! an awesome juice only cleanse...cheers to all the detoxes going on in my world from inside out.

not to worry the shop has a ton of goodies rolling through as usual. she's my first and main love <3



Saturday, July 2, 2011

LB everything

yeah a lil lil liiilllll oBsesSed with black lace leather...just a tease of a few pieces to come to the shop this week...

visit us today and visit us often.

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