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Friday, October 24, 2008

what's a blog?!?

Yeah, you'd think I'd have been on board with the bloggin' thing many moons ago, since I am well trained on the art of talking!! HA! NO!
So I'll get warmed up with it soon, so don't run away just yet!
So have you checked out the shop? We just posted up at etsy about a month ago, and things are wayyyy great, love etsy, the community of people, the buyers, just the over all concept behind the site! We basically just moved the shop from eBay, which was great while it lasted for the year and half that we had it up, but lacked some sort of creativity, can't put my finger on it really?!? But any ways, Etsy is brilliant! And we really hope you all like what you see!! We always scour for vintage goods!! So here is a sneak peak at the shop!