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Monday, May 3, 2010

I LOVE my job...I do!

I truly do...and that's pretty hard to say for other jobs I've had:( slicing bagels not so much ;) Yesterdays work day was incredible, I love to feel alive!!! Creativity and play time always does it for me! So I had a photo shoot with my beautiful best friend which is always a shit ton of fun, then to Whole Foods for a samwhich and off to eat in the park, a little frolic in the sun, then more photos on a sunny perfect 75 degree spring day...hope you like some of these photos by the way, I was all about these DIY ripped up and bleached stained jeans-80's metal band much? Ha. Any ways here is what's soon to come to the shop. PS so I'm off traveling this summer (wooohooo so terribly excited) then moving, so there may be a few months of no action, but I'll more than likely come back from travels all inspired and energized!!!!!! xoxo

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