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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

coming up for air

so it has definitely been a busy and eventful, and super rewarding week!! but it sure is nice to get things accomplished and come up for a lil' air. just been working on taking new photos of alllll the finds over the past month (s) , and shooting with different equipment, which has turned out lovely! hopefully at the end-if my energy allows it ;)- of the week i'll be moving the studio and setting up and having it a little more honed down...but in the meanwhile i do have some great gorgeous treasures slowly trickling into the shop, so here's a lil preview...

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tracy mitchell said...

yes the clothes are rad, but i'm extra loving the hair and those shoes! awesome all around!

mAry mARy said...


hmw said...

are the floral and denim skirts still for sale? if so can you email me the info thanks!!