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Thursday, May 21, 2009

lo lo lovinnnnn'

ha...i can't express how much thrilling thrift store shopping can be...i walk in ready to find things, but also telling myself, my lil' yogi mantra, to be content if i don't, because that is what thrift store shopping is ALL about, hits and misses, and you take it all in. okay well in any case as i'm jazzed and telling myself it's all good if i don't find anything i walk in, first (and more than most times) that weird unattainable smell, like the old clothes and furniture got into a fight with a febreze bottle and now things are confusing...i'm in it, just totally submerged in looking, searching, hearing the baby scream bloody murder in the next aisle, but for some reason i'm always content in thrift stores, almost a different way of relaxing, the opposite end of what yoga does for me, but all still relaxing and great! wowy i'm all about the tangents today...i have been finding some killer clothes lately, and we're having a photo shoot next week, trying to try out new photo tricks, lighting, camera ect, so look out for all new spring/summa..i'll a lil' sneak peak sometime next week.

p.s. the miss on that thrift store shopping day was me barreling down the parking lot and NOT seeing the unmarked speed bump in the road, yeah...not pretty, coffee everywhere, purse on the floor, and the best was right when i did it i looked to my right thinking "SHIT did i just hit someone or something!" and there were 4 dudes chillin' having a smoke break outside watching least i had an attentive audience! my poor coche :(

and i wanted to send my shout out to a few of my girls, thanks for all the help and support!!!! xoxox

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tractordog said...

ahhhahaha, your fall sounds hilarious! Thanks for the shout out...tons of LOVE to you!

sheHEARTSvintage said...

haaaa trust me, I was in tears (of laughter) after I wiped the coffee that spilled into my least it wasn't hot anymore! *sigh*

tracy mitchell said...

cute cute cutie cute cute. thanks for the love. now keep up the adorability!