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Thursday, May 28, 2009

ahh summer lovin'

i'm not the HUGEST fan of warm weather, well more like HOT weather..arggggg…(ya ask any poor soul who knows me well, i’m just annoying to be around. period)...but i do do do love the cotton and linen fabrics, loose, breezy, light weight materials and dresses,, tent dresses that drape, floral romantic pieces, wedged and wonderful sandals, i love any and all the romanticism that a fabric, print, colors, and clean lines can give to any garment, so ode to all the lovely summer finds out there, here are just a few beautiful pieces i’ve run acrossss…………..

♥ nod to mod vintage ♥

♥ santoki vintage ♥

♥ dear golden vintage ♥

♥ dewberry vintage ♥

♥ whatcirca vintage ♥

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