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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

upcoming shoot ideasssss...

just can NOT get enough of the bedazzled look, just found this mini dress today...i really wish i would be a. comfy enough to rock it b. have a place i could rock it out to without looking like i dressed up early for Halloween c. refer back to A.

found those awesome quilted sweater booties yesterday on a quick run (womens 6.5 or else they'd be keepers), and that sequin number was a pick up from last week! i love the sequin block pattern on her.

i also found all those amazing dresses below thriftin today! they must have been a lot belonging to one person since all roughly the same size and era! man today was a gem of a day with the finds. Photo time here we come...i'm inspired, and have a few beautiful & creative friends to shoot with. *thanks to all the people that have come (and some that have stayed :) who support me. it rocks my world and melts my heart to feel it.




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