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Saturday, July 9, 2011

sun is out and it's time to clean house

ughh such a daunting task to go through the closet and beyond PLUS the shops closet to detox and purge. i mean i know in the end it feels so liberating to let go of stuff, to be free of and feel that much lighter.

yet i sit here on a beautiful summer day biting my nails, just waiting for the time to hit 3 o'clock and we can close up for the day. i bet i sound like a big baby, sitting here typing away while i'm pseudo running a yard/garage sale...but i can't help it (playing the smallest violin) i'm pooped and to top it off i myself started a detox 3 days ago. yay me!! an awesome juice only cleanse...cheers to all the detoxes going on in my world from inside out.

not to worry the shop has a ton of goodies rolling through as usual. she's my first and main love <3



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