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Sunday, December 5, 2010

i'm a sucker for the 80's

i'm sitting here, hot cup of tea leaning on my leg (actually burning my leg, should probably invest in an end table), laptop in toe, rain pounding on the roof, and wondering what on gods green earth to write about. i feel like it's been too long since i've said/done anything on here. not that i'm interesting, nor do ya really wanna read what i have to write about, but i should AT LEAST update the blog with what's going down in the shop, shouldn't i? i'm a work in progress with this blog, i think i've bitched about being lazy with it more than i have actually blogged...this will one of change...
so in the meanwhile here are some of the new threads in the shop, here's why i'm such a sucker for the 80's...


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د لی said...

What if someone loves you?