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Monday, September 21, 2009

what's been new?

hmmm, always something new right? Currently sitting here, sipping my delicious morning coffee from the little ma and pa shop around the corner, man is the coffee delicious, and soaking up the morning!

About the shop, there are new threads always, setting up a photoshoot in the next week (hopefully!) and share the goods with you! On the major hunt for boots and booties, man are they getting harder and harder to find in California...ahhh vintage in general seems to be harder in the months of August and September (the transition). But I rarely give up that easy, so not to worry! And... well about me, it is about time I got on a plane, train and took off some where, need to travel again, see different cultures, meet new people, eat new foods, smell new smells, basically use all my senses and be out of my element, being taught new things! Central America anyone? And if anyone has any suggestions on where to stay, or what countries to visit (looking into Costa Rica and Nicaragua) please email me!

Until the next time, with more vintage, photos and love!!



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Anonymous said...

oooh! central america sounds wonderful! i just got back from a two-week road trip and i feel unbelievably better. do it!