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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

in with the new with the new...

Of course I say that, and we all love vintage, which is older, wiser, and more comfortable being herself and being unique than any other forms of clothing we can get our hands on nowadays, besides couture hand made digs!

So I haven't been able to find as many vintage goodies as I would have wanted this past month or so in my fantasy world, you know the one; we live on pink clouds and we have a magic wand and POOF all things turn to our favor, yeah that one :) in THAT world I would have come out with tons and tons of vintage finds to share with you all, especially after a whole month of searching! RIGHT?! RIGHT! Nope wrong, but I have found some amazing gems along the way, and had an amazing road trip, and just an awesome month of August! I hope you feel the are a few of my favorite things...



little me. said...

I was just browsing threw Etsy, and found you shop, then noticed you had a blog!
So I thought I would come and check it out :)

sheHEARTSvintage said...

HEY! Yes yes, there is a blog, but often times not super exciting ;) thanks for checking us out love!! hope to see ya at the shop soon! XXX