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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

clumsy me....

soooo yes, i finally and officially ate sh!t on my bike, but since i have fallen before and was trained by an old bf how to fall that it ended up working out well (i would always laugh and tease him , like is there reallllly a "WAY" to was pretty silly...i think i ended up scaring the poor girl in the jetta at the stop light more than anything ;) and you know the surprising part, when you surprise yourself , well i was stunned on how i was only embarrassed for about 2 minutes and moved on, in and out of my head...what a great time...minus the moving on i have been feeling pretty inspired, with great friends who not only know a thang or two about stylin, but are creative and passionate about it!! And she hearts is lucky to also have a friend as creative and kind as Ms. Kristin..check out some of her amazing shots below and her site design that kills {click to view} ...soon soon lovely...can't wait!
Oh and I took a few photos of the unfinished she hearts's getting there!

she hearts studio {in progress ;)

design that kills {click to view}

design that kills {click to view}

design that kills {click to view}

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tracy mitchell said...

cute lil studio!
i tagged you! read blog. find out. muah!