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Friday, October 21, 2011


so i found this crochet top the other week and was inspired to shoot around it...just determined actually ha. loved the delicateness in combo with such a soft color. just a simple and gorgeous vintage piece. so here i went...bust out the big ol bell bottom levis, some platforms (which i snagged last year and almost passed out! in unbelievable vintage condition!) along with a floral scarf and voila!

here is what the outcome was...most of all and at the end of the day HAVE FUN no matter what you do. photography and art/fashion fuel me, it's when i don't think with my head but with my heart and let go, with no fear, no wonderment of what will be or what others may think. which is so liberating and so raw! in any case, here are a couple of photos with lovely friend Bri from the other day.
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