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Sunday, June 20, 2010

I heart Istanbul

It's such a trip, just 24 hours ago I was in California sitting there with friends having food, conversation and great laughs in English, and voom within hours (although long hours when on a tight confined crammed space like a plane) I landed 9,000 miles later into Istanbul and bye bye English...I love it here. This place always carries a comfort for me, my other home on the other side of the world, and although sometimes it can be over stimulating, busy, crowded, traffic-y and my Turkish errr well lets say it can get me by, I still have love for this city, big time!!!! The people here are warm, although you can always find the occasional annoying effer, like any part of the world, there is tons of history, architecture, life here. Seriously an east meets west sorta town...Enough yammering, here are a few photos of what my day was about, mosques, Istanbul, eating, walking, getting lost, being out of my comfort zone and loving it!

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