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Thursday, July 16, 2009

random me, just love hearing myself :)

just a lil' heads up that there will be TONS o' NEW OLD THREADS ROLLIN' woaw...a handful of gorgeous floral 70's dresses, rompers, skirts and babydolsssss to come!! I'll be doing a photoshoot with our lovely friends Shel and Ericka this weekend, so look out for the new! and since we're at it, here are some of my new favorites finds... and people ♥♥

these photos and miss Dalena's shop is amazing...kudos lady!! {take a peak here
dalena vintage {click to view}
and off the subject of vintage and onto my artsy graphic side...I LOVE LOVE LOVE what nifty thrifty owl has gots going on, vintage to handmade, check out this amazing journal...

and the shop here nifty thrifty owl {click to view}

and this, this is just...ahh running out of adjectives, well damn, it's just darling!!! whimsical to say the least, playful, young, and just done right...i've admired rosie music and the art from the very get go on Etsy, just check a few pieces out...

even the titles are amazing {top:::I think Im in love - Chocolate} {bottom:::Shy Boy and Shy Girl

check the shop out, you'll be in love too...
rosie music {click to view}

ahh everytime i sneak a peak at sea unicorns shop, it just keeps getting lovelier and that even possible..i mean take a look at this gorgeous, romantic and simple necklace, perfection with a cherry on top..

sea unicorn {click to view}

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the love! those illustrations are just dreamy. and the notebook from nifty thrifty. super cute. i just checked out their shop...and geez...vintage clothing too! that's one cute little place!